Developers & General Contractors

Working with general contractors on projects is the core of our business. We enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship where we can make our customers look good to their homeowners. We are always open to creating new partnerships as a subcontractor for local general contractors, developers, builders and renovation managers that have the same attention to detail and customer service focus that we do.

We believe in 3 key elements to any project which includes a plumbing (or any subcontractor) component.

1.  Budget - Money is key, after all - you need to run your business. If you aren't sure what you should set aside for plumbing, we'd be more than happy to give you a free quote to include in your budget package. We'd prefer to have a set rate for you so that you know what to expect. There is nothing more challenging than extra costs and attempting to find the money to cover them. Let us take care of that worry for you.

2.  Timing - The next most important part of a project is a timeline. If you have promised to get your customer into their new home by June and you have sub-trades giving you the runaround it can be really frustrating. We believe in giving realistic timeframes to our contractors so they can create a schedule they can trust. If issues arise, which they often do, we often work the long hours to ensure our customer's needs are met. We want to be the first trade out of a project every time, and pride ourselves on never being the trade to hold up a project.

3.  Communication - This leads me to my last point, communication is essential. Every good contractor needs to have control over their project. We believe this lies in constant two-way communication. You may feel after working with us that we send you too many emails, however, we like to keep you abreast of all progress during a project. Of course, you have lots of projects on the go, we may not see you face to face often. We feel that a quick call, email or text to tell you when a stage is complete or to give you the recommendation to pass along to the homeowner, is never wasted effort. We want to keep you in the loop so you can have peace of mind throughout.

If you are interested in speaking with us about a partnership or an upcoming project we'd love to hear from you - send us an email at