• Payment schedule: For quoted jobs over $50,000 or at our discretion (will be laid out in the estimate) we reserve the right to ask for a 20% deposit on a project. Otherwise, we bill after each stage of a project. For Plumbing - 33% drainage rough-in, 33% waterpipe rough-in, 33% at finish. Fixtures will always be billed out as they are supplied. Heating is billed in stages: 15% after radiant installation, 15% after heating vents, 15% after heating mains, 55% after boiler installation.

  • Terms: Unless otherwise stated, payment is due upon receipt. For general contractors, we offer a 30-day payment term.

  • Preferred payment method: E-transfer is preferred but cheques, visa, MasterCard and cash are also accepted.

  • Scope: This is different for each project and will be laid out in detail on an estimate.

  • Deadline: We will always work within your schedule laid out for a project as it is laid out to us in advance of beginning the work. If we cannot meet these expectations for whatever reason this will be discussed in advance.

  • Late payment policy: 2% interest per month will be charged on all overdue accounts.